Monday, January 1, 2007

The First Podcast

Well after many attempts I finally got the first Podcast done. I feel like my students in counseling who hate their first tape. I have to listen to my own advise to them. Just do it.

Forgive the many 'ums,' 'ahs,' and editing mistakes. This is how you learn. With Christmas and New Year's so close together the prefect picture was the tree with the beer cans, found outside of South Residence Hall a year ago. All consumed by 21 year old students, I'm sure.

The Wake Up Call#1

In todays show:
Music by Chris Ayer with "New Year's Resolution." Description of what the show will be
about, thoughts on keeping New Year Resolutions, why hasn't the church stopped singing
Christmas carols, Epiphany house blessing and how to win a $25 gift card.

Chris Ayer's Song New Year's Resolution
The Podshow
Podsafe Audio

Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions
Epiphany House Blessing


Steve H. said...


I can't wait to hear the first podcast. I am already looking forward to future issues...

Steve H.

Father Ted said...

Thanks Steve....let me know what you think! What type of topics would you like covered! Let's see what happens when I go 'remote' next week in CA and in MX.

Sister K said...

Great idea Father Ted! I'll link you to my very first "blog" site :)

Happy New Year!
Kat '96